Everypixel Lipsync

Leverage AI algorithms to create out-of-the-box content
by blending a video source and voiceover.
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Sync lip movements in a video with speech audio to create truly localized content

Everypixel lipsync uses machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to accurately reproduce a person's lip movements in a video with speech in multiple languages. Simply upload a video of your character shot from specific angles, add an audio track with your character's speech and get a high-end dubbed video with maximum realism.
  • Make your localized video content look more natural.
  • Scale up video content production for marketing, training, HR or sales.
  • Personalize communication with global audiences.

How it works

Key features

Works with video

Our technology does not require complex 3D avatars. Lipsync works with standard video files that meet simple requirements.

Sync accuracy

Accurate reproduction of lip movements with the given voiceover without defects or loss of video quality.

Realistic results

Thanks to seamless blending and lip movement synchronization, resulting output looks very natural.