Age Recognition

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AI Algorithm That Extracts Facial Features from a Photo and Accurately Estimates a Person's Age

Age Estimation AI: Accurate age predictions from facial features in photos.

Our technology is an indispensable tool for accurate age estimation, whether you are conducting demographic research for marketing campaigns, enhancing photo editing capabilities, or improving the security of your online service.

Key features

Accurate and Reliable Results

Our model is trained on a huge amount of data to provide you with accurate age estimates. Take a look!

Seamless Integration

Whether you are a developer, researcher, product manager, or business owner, you can easily integrate the age recognition model into your applications and services through our API.

Limitless Applications

From enhancing photo editing software to analyzing customer demographics, the applications for our technology are limitless. Harness the power of age recognition in fields as diverse as entertainment, security, healthcare, and more.

Privacy and Security

We maintain the highest security standards to protect your information. Rest assured that our technology is designed with strict privacy measures in mind. We do not store any of your images.


We are a completely pay-as-you-go service. No monthly fees or forced bundles.

Use Cases

Sales and Marketing

Age recognition can help marketers tailor advertising and product offerings to the age demographics of their customers. With accurate identification of individuals' ages, companies can provide personalized services, recommend relevant products, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Entertainment and Gaming

Our AI-powered solutions enrich user experiences, providing a seamless and secure journey into the world of content and gaming. Whether it's recommendation systems, parental controls, or adaptive game difficulty settings, our age recognition model takes entertainment to the next level.

Access Control and Verification

Verification allows you to automatically control access to services and products based on age. For example, age recognition models can be used to ensure the sale of age-restricted products, to verify a user in your application, or even to control access to locations.

Personalized UI

Age recognition can facilitate the creation of adaptive user interfaces that adjust their design and functionality based on the user's age. This can significantly improve the usability and accessibility of various applications, including websites, mobile apps, and smart devices.