Time to Cut Costs on Image Keywording, Categorization, and Moderation

The Everypixel Image Recognition sees images like a human, but costs several times cheaper, and does not ask for vacations and bonuses.
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Everypixel Image Recognition

Use all the power of AI and machine learning to reduce your costs on image recognition and moderation in your apps and products. The Everypixel Image Recognition is a set of pre-trained models available through the API. Thanks to easy algorithms assignment, developers can start using them once they sign up.
  • Image Keywording

    The model recognizes things and people in the image, and then tags it with a set of precise keywords, which serve to categorize and moderate images.
  • Stock Photography Scoring

    A model to estimate the aesthetics and market potential of professional photographs from the point of view of stock photography market experts.
  • UGC Photography Scoring

    A unique model to estimate the aesthetics of users’ photos trained on 347, 000 of Instagram images.
  • Age recognition

    This model understands how old someone looks. It extracts facial features from a photo and gives an accurate estimation of the age.


Pay only for what you really need. No monthly fee or imposed package solutions.

Customized Model

Did not find a suitable solution? The Everypixel Labs specialists will help you build your perfect Model, tuned and trained to your specifications for even better accuracy.
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Use Cases

  • Categorization

    Development of an automated system to choose categories for photos at the stock agency website.
  • Security

    Identification of safety violation on a construction site. The model recognizes people who are not wearing hard hats.
  • Choosing the Best Shot

    Automatic choice of a portrait photograph as a user profile picture if images are bulk uploaded.
  • Image Moderation

    Automatic moderation by image content and its visual aesthetics. For example, it can tag all photo collages or show data about the image attractiveness.
  • SERP Results Rating by Attractiveness

    Our algorithm can be one of the rating criteria of search results including UGC content, if visual aesthetics is an essential characteristic of your resource.
  • DAM-systems

    It is easier to deal with images if the system recognizes what is shown in a photo, tags it, and categorizes by pre-set criteria. It is easier to search for photos, download and use them.