AI will transfer you to the Russian New Year's Feast

The traditional celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Russia has its own special charm of a dashing feast.
But when all the plans , rules of the healthy lifestyle and endless tasks in the backlog are confused, such a feast inexorably loses its brightness. We forgot what “party like a Russian” means.
Having taught the artificial intelligence, the Everypixel team created a virtual time machine that will allow you to feel the magic of irrepressible feast again and feel the aroma of last year's salads.
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AI Will Lay Your Table...
...and walls! We thought it would be funnier that way, because the feast should be dashing;)
We have taught the algorithm
to recognize
plates and other round objects in your photos and replace them with traditional New Year's dishes!
It Will Add More Pigs Into Your Life
The AI will replace the images of your pets
with a symbol of the 2019 Chinese New Year.
And Will Become Your Stylist
The algorithm will choose a
New Year outfit for you.
Turn yourself and your loved ones into a trendy
Snow Maiden or Father Frost.
The AI-Technologies That Brought Us Back Into the Atmosphere of the Old School New Year’s Party
Object segmentation
This computer vision technology allows us to detect objects in a photo and determines their boundaries. Where is the cat, table, pillow, or the lost sock - the algorithm will find them as quick as a flash.
Face detection
This model finds all the faces shown in the picture. You can try to play hide-and-seek with it - turn away or tie a giant scarf around your neck (you know it is cold in winter, you can’t do without a scarf). The neural network will still find your face.
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